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How would look a 3D structure with layers corresponding to the cascade of generations of Conway’s Life?
 I thought that the simplest way to check it is to build some visualization environment and look at the actual results:

Conway Tree teaser

The interested readers are able to:

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How do you think a one-dimensional Wolfram’s automata will look like, if we map it into Peano (Hilbert) curve?

Have no idea? Me too. So I decided to check it out:

I could have done this in a hour or so using python, but I had never sought for easy ways, so I tried to make the online interactive visualization.

It took a dozen of nights and a lot of nerve, considering the fact I didn’t mess with clientside development for ten years, and looks like it became even much more chaotic since then. But now I know some kung fu.

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Миленькая реклама пиццы, сделанная в виде интерактивного фильма про зомби:

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